Vakhtangov 2017

A documentary which tells the story of Yevgeny Bagrationovich Vakhtangov (a Russian-Armenian director who founded the Vakhtangov Theatre) and a bunch of young theater actors and actresses who are trying to do more or less same job.

The Silenet Pasture of Sparrows 2018

This is a “single shot” movie and it is a story about a woman(Feri), her boyfriend(Sati) and a girl named Sisi. Any of these characters has a dream, Feri wants to get power, Sati wants to get rich and Sisi wants to become famous. Their dreams are depend on “Mr.Engineer (Project Manager)” who will give them a huge amount of money as the commission of a “bid rigging” but he… The movie plot has a special literature that even in Persian language is a little bit complicated.

Official trailer of the Silent Pasture of Sparrows

Timless 2021 (soon..)

What could possibly happen during a night when the time has not meaning?